As a producer you want to offer your products to as many consumers in as many markets as possible

GreenPro International supports organisations like no other. In fact, that is what we are specialized in.

What can we do for you?

Safe and compliant import, including precisely controlled perishable transportation, facilitating customs formalities and storage.
Specialized knowledge about European food compliance regulations ensures the correct labeling and packaging of your products.
Across all operations, a timely and professional approach ensures products reach the consumer at competitive prices with consistent quality.
Our driven sales and marketing team forge relationships and marketplace strategies that ultimately achieve brand loyalty and successful outcomes for our partners.
We supply plant-based products to most large retailers and food service organizations. Our USP? We know the vegan market like no other. Both supply and demand.

In short: if you want a successful introduction of your products on the European market, please contact us.

Our Customers